Noon Jewellery, established in 2015, creates intuitive, timeless, and thoughtful jewellery, designed to foster a deeper connection to the self. Noon Jewellery offers bespoke commissions and renders pieces in editions, but each and every piece is centered on an ethos of pride in craft, a distinctly human touch of care, and a desire to tell special, compelling stories through considered design, texture, material, and form.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted in our Vancouver Studio. Materials are ethically sourced and recycled materials are used where possible. What Noon Jewellery’s production processes lack in exacting, homogenized precision is gained in an off-kilter, playful, and approachable dimension that can only be the result of a maker’s touch.

Noon Jewellery celebrates communicating a worldview, a personal perspective on truth and beauty, with the objects and art we choose to live with. What do you want to say?